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Resumes - Stand out in a sea of applicants!

$75 – For a simple but thorough proofread and edit of your existing resume, leaving you with a polished document that fits your needs.

$110 – Tap into guided nanny support to DIY a fresh resume. This option includes a resume template created for you to fill in, and then an edit of this to ensure it is of a high standard.

$150-200 – The ultimate in nanny support for a job search. Get me to completely revamp your resume or create you a new one. This option is best for long-time nannies who haven’t expressed their work history well on paper. It may include a phone consult for me to get the required information to create an outstanding and appropriate resume.

Cover Letters - Sell your suitability for the role!

$50-75 – For a cover letter edit or assistance with creating one from scratch. Do not underestimate the power of a brilliant cover letter written for the job you want! A nanny’s job is such a personal one, and families want to know about you.

Resignation Letters - Leave a role in style.

$50 – The need for nanny support doesn’t end when you get the job. Whether your role has been an incredible experience or a challenge, you want to give notice with grace. A carefully-crafted resignation letter can help you do this. I can help you edit what you have drafted, or create a letter for you to customise to suit your voice.

Nanny Support Consultations

Are you struggling with an aspect of your nanny job or job search? Do you need tips on what’s involved in applying for nanny positions and being successful in the industry? You’ve come to the right place!

I have supported countless nannies within the local and wider community over the past 10+ years. I am happy to share my industry knowledge and advice, and also happy to be a sounding board for you to process your thoughts on one of the many unique situations we face as nannies. 

Book a free call to ask a quick question or discuss your needs and decide whether to move forward with a consultation session.

Parent Support Consultations

Are you a family who needs support to identify your needs before a nanny search or to work through a tricky situation with your nanny?

I’m happy to support you as well. I am an advocate for positive communication and for making things fair for everyone.

Booa free call to ask a quick question or discuss your needs and decide whether to move forward with a consultation session.

Copywriting and Proofreading

Satisfied clients and peers say I “have a way with words”. I love being able to work collaboratively or independently to enhance the readability, clarity, and stand-out ideas of other creators. I am available for proofreading and copyediting of websites, blogs, newsletters, advertisements, and other communications. Email me for a copywriting quote.

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nanny support

Some of the topics I have experience providing family and nanny support on include:

  • understanding Australian nanny industry standards and requirements
  • presenting yourself in a job search
  • interview guidance for nannies and families
  • communicating in the workplace/home
  • navigating children’s challenging behaviours
  • setting boundaries – with children and employers
  • how to resign from a position
  • advice for travelling with children
  • communicating effectively with families
  • working with agencies
  • advertising for a nanny
  • interviewing nannies
  • creating positive routines with children
  • creating and maintaining a professional social media presence
  • setting your nanny up for success
  • …and more!