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An internationally experienced nanny & consultant


“Amanda is awesome! From the minute I first contacted her, through to the final stages of her sending me the edited files I felt so confident. She was easy to deal with and her replies were prompt. Never once did I feel worried or embarrassed about what I was sending her to edit. Her professionalism and attention to detail resulted in a very polished cover letter and resume. I was successful in getting an interview right away. I highly recommend Amanda, you will not be disappointed.”

~ Allira

“I’ve admired Amanda’s Nanny career since I first joined the industry in 2015. Amanda has a strong understanding of how all-encompassing the nanny role is and how it varies for each individual family. Amanda boasts exceptional writing and editing skills which I rely on often for my blog posts, resume and other social media. For any nanny looking to refine their profile, messaging or resume – I can’t recommend Amanda enough!”

~ Lauren

“Amanda was of great assistance in the revamp of my resume and cover letter which landed me job offers to every interview I attended. She then further assisted with articulating my requirements during negotiations. Would highly recommend!!”

~ Danielle

“Amanda has a Way with words and is always happy to assist in helping put together CVs, cover letters, written guidelines and contracts pertaining to the Nanny Industry. She has a strong knowledge of the Australian Nanny Industry, is a great mentor and support to other nannies and myself! Thanks Amanda 🙏”

~ Jacqui

“Amanda was amazing in helping me put a contract together for a new position. Very professional and extremely helpful. She is extremely knowledgeable on what needs to be put into these contracts which has made it a lot easier for me and the family. Thank you so much Amanda I really appreciate all your help 🙂”

~ Samantha

“I recently contacted Amanda through recommendation by my sister (also a Nanny!) Whilst i was not applying for a job in the nanny industry , Amanda blew me away with her professionalism and the result . She was able to assist me with my Cover letter and CV. Amanda is approachable , professional, prompt and just so kind that I was left feeling confident and very positive about the role I was applying for. I would definitely recommend Amanda, nothing was a problem for her. She is just brilliant!”

~ Shell

“Amanda is very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to word things. I’d highly recommend her for nannying advice, contracts, resumes etc! Very appreciative of the time and fine little details she puts in to her work.”

~ Elizabeth

“Highly recommend Amanda! I think my resume is pretty good, however, I really needed a new set of eyes to help me shorten it. After two long term jobs that were quite similar, I needed a way to shorten the descriptions and differentiate between the two jobs. Amanda was quick to reply and provided really helpful feedback. She just has a way with words! I was offered the first job I applied for with my updated resume!!!”

~ Kate


“I have come home on many occasions to Amanda and my son giggling together in play – enjoying an interactive reading experience with lots of chatter back and forth and, on a few occasions, to her beautiful voice putting him to sleep. Amanda came into our home on very short notice. My son instantly warmed to her and she settled my anxiety with her ‘Nothing is a problem’ attitude. As a first time mother – it has been invaluable to talk and ask toddler related questions to someone who cares and is open to share.  Amanda has no judgment and is a
beautiful support to both parent & child.”

~ Anna (Temp Nanny Employer)

“We’ve had a number of nannies but Amanda is by far the most respectful of our children.  Even if they are non-verbal, like our twins, she tells them what she is doing and asks them for permission when required. I am
constantly amazed about what Amanda knows about children. Amanda has a great work ethic.  She doesn’t cut corners and will do all that needs to be done.”

~ Brydie (Temp Nanny Employer)

“We wanted someone who knew how to be silly, strict, comforting, thoughtful, and loving – all at the appropriate times. We found that in Amanda.
Toddlers need a lot of love, but they also need boundaries – someone who will help them understand the rules as they grow and try to make sense of the world around them. Amanda was excellent at this. And she could be silly with him too. What a great playmate she was! Amanda is professional and kind, and kids just love her.”

~ Erin (Full-Time Nanny Employer)

“Amanda was an excellent nanny to our children. She sang to our toddler, took him to library time and the park and communicated at his level. His language came on remarkably. She was great with my older children too. They related to her well and were comfortable hearing that she was going to drop them off or pick them up from school. I would not hesitate to have Amanda look after my children again and I highly recommended her as a nanny and early childhood professional.”

~ Marie (Temp Nanny Employer)

“Amanda has cared for my children on two occasions now, both in the evening shortly before bed times. After the first night my three year old woke asking ‘where is Manda?’ Followed by ‘when is she coming back?’ She put myself and my kids at ease immediately and at the second care occasion my 15mo happily waved goodbye and hurried off to play with Amanda. She is punctual and professional, takes initiative with the kids and other things around the house (child related) that needs attending to. I highly recommend her!”

~ Brenda (Casual Babysitting Employer)

“Amanda has excellent skills as a nanny. She is
trustworthy, responsible and firm but loving to the children. Amanda is very good at setting clear expectations for the children in terms of their behaviour, and she also has an excellent understanding of the developmental stages and needs of the children. Skills our children have developed through Amanda’s role-modelling and encouragement include good manners, sharing, turn-taking, self-expression and language.”

~ Janelle (Full-Time Nanny Employer)

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Amanda since 2004, when we hired her to care for our (almost) 3 year old daughter. She was (and is) amazing!!! It was a big deal to leave our only daughter in someone else’s care and Amanda not only met those needs but far exceeded them. My daughter had no trouble bonding with Amanda and she was fabulous with her.”

~ Diana (Full-Time Nanny Employer)

“Amanda’s hardworking and diligent nature is
demonstrated daily. Every night we returned to a clean and organised household which felt like a luxury as working parents! She is also incredibly reliable and punctual. Amanda is a caring and loving nanny who patiently develops genuine, authentic relationships with her charges.”

~ Kristin (Full-Time Nanny Employer)

“I was very impressed with Amanda. She was one of the most
conscientious, caring nannies I’ve come across. Under Amanda’s care my infant daughter was happy, content and secure. One of the attributes that
impressed me most was how flexible and helpful she was.”

~ Jennifer (Temp Nanny Employer)

“Amanda is a dedicated, well organised and caring individual who was very receptive to our needs. Our older son has special needs and sometimes can be a bit of a handful and Amanda was a great help, with a firm approach which worked very well with him. Her communication with our family was
always prompt, clear and effective and she was totally reliable and took a lot of stress out of the management of a busy family routine.”

~ Michael (Full-Time Nanny Employer)

“Amanda is kind, strong, reliable and considerate. Your child is safe and
protected in her care. Amanda can handle anything. She is fun, playful,
talented with children and respects the parents childrearing modality
consistently. She has been a valuable asset to our home.  She is kind, bright, loving and sweet.”

~ Alice (Full-Time Nanny Employer)