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Hello! I've created a Melbourne Nanny Wage Calculator!

Long time, no write, I know – it’s been a busy few months! Late last year I decided to create a calculator to guide nannies and families on industry standard wages. I’ve finally gotten it up and available for those in the local industry to try out to get an idea of an appropriate Melbourne nanny wage. (It’s probably quite suitable for other places in Australia too, though each local industry standards do vary slightly – maybe add a dollar or so for Sydney and minus a dollar for other regions?)

My initial inspiration to make this calculator came from Rainey from Oh So Simply, who offers a nanny rate calculator designed for American nannies for her subscribers. The rates and variations reflected in my calculations are a guide only, and not to be used as financial or legal advice. They are based on local industry standards and my knowledge of the nanny industry. As with many things in the nanny world – every situation is unique. Rates also vary depending on many factors including the candidate and the family. Nannies in Australia typically fall under the Miscellaneous Award for minimum wage and conditions.

I welcome feedback from people who use the calculator, particularly on how it compares to their Melbourne nanny wage, and will take it into account with any expansions or adjustments I make in the future.

Click here to check it out!


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