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nanny pay rates in australia

My latest blog is over on NannyPay!

Nanny pay rates in Australia can be complicated – nannies fall under the Miscellaneous Award, which outlines the bare minimum but does not take into account the value of a nanny’s work. In order to decide what to pay your nanny in 2023, Australian families should be researching the industry standard, or market, rates.

On this blog I get real about what we’re seeing in the industry for nanny pay rates in Australia at the moment. With nannies in high demand and recently growing awareness of the value of nanny care, rates that were stagnant for a while (for too long) have definitely increased over the past year or so.

NannyPay is a payroll company that has been around for years and with new ownership since 2021 is going from strength to strength. With the CEO about to take some maternity leave, I’ll be helping families pay their nanny the right way with NannyPay’s payroll service. Using NannyPay means that you, the parent, are the employer, so it is up to you to lock in your nanny’s pay rate.

Nanny pay rates in Australia for 2023 –

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