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The following COVID-19 update of my post, advocating for the value of nannies as a form of childcare, was shared on the website of the incredible agency – Nanager. I am honoured to have my voice shared by Lauren, who is passionate about pairing quality childcare with effective home management:

“The Value of Nanny Care (especially during COVID-19)

The childcare sector is going through major upheaval at the moment, as is the entire world! Recent announcements inform us that the Australian government is providing free access to childcare centres for all parents. But what about the concern of whether it is safe and responsible to have children in a group environment (while we are otherwise practising social distancing strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19)? Some parents may be considering a change in their childcare arrangements. Engaging a nanny or nanager is a form of childcare that incurs a higher cost than centres. But there are so many benefits for parents who choose to use a well-suited nanny (be they experienced, qualified, and/or just a really great fit for the role). The benefits are even greater when we consider the current pandemic. 

Nannies are the solution many families are seeking.

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