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What if the first impression you make, when applying for a nanny role, is with an outstanding resume and a thoughtfully written message about why you’re right for the job?

To make nannying a successful career, it not only matters how you interact with children, but how you sell yourself in order to get the interview. Being a nanny doesn’t usually involve a high standard of written work. But applying for a job with a CV/resume that has grammatical errors or is poorly formatted can be off-putting. If your resume doesn’t accurately show your experience and qualifications with an appropriate amount of detail, it can really do you a disservice. Also harmful is when your written communication expressing interest in a job is unprofessional or inappropriate.

Parents and agencies (and that friend of a friend who is advertising a job) notice these things. Putting some effort into your choice of words can really make a difference when it comes to standing out amongst your competition. Whether you are a keen babysitter who is interested in taking on more substantial nanny work, a qualified child care educator looking to transition to working in homes, or a career nanny who has been working in the industry for ages, I think everyone can benefit from spending a little time or money on creating or refreshing their resume.

I’ve written a post for Nanager that provides some basic advice on what to think about when applying to work with a family or agency. The CV/resume, cover letter, and initial communication is what will get you in the door. No great caregiver should be missing out on being a top candidate for a nanny job because they didn’t present well on paper. Please get in touch if you’d like to chat about your needs and ways I can provide more specific help.

You can read my post here on Nanager’s website.

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Happy job hunting!

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